für Maschinenbau, Automobil, Anlagenbau


Wir senken Ihre IT Kosten nachhaltig!

für Enterprise Software Firmen,

Produzierende Unternehmen mit Softwarekomponenten


Wir machen Ihre Sales Organisation erfolgreich!

für Maschinenbau, Automobil, Anlagenbau


Wir helfen Ihre Digitalisierungs Richtung zu finden!

Das Risiko zu Scheitern ist zu hoch! Sie haben eine strategische Verhandlung und benötigen EXPERT-Verhandlungscoaches an Ihrer Seite?

Right Sourcing Mission

Do the "right things" and do "things right".


"Rightsourcing" stands for the optimized use / distribution of internal and external resources as well as the selection of the best possible combination of sources in order to achieve the best possible business result.

We support you in “doing the right things” and “doing things right”. We do exactly what we have shown we can do . That is why we have focused on selected processes and industries.


Rightsourcing stands for a "Digital Asset-based Consulting" philosophy. We understand digitization with us in the form that you can also take advantage of our consulting services via digital media . Fast, uncomplicated and without expensive travel expenses.


We can access a stable network of experts from individual technical domains that are an integral part of our projects. We work flexibly and unbureaucratically.

In order to keep an eye on the future , we work closely with a leading university . We teach many of our concepts and ideas at a private university .


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