Sales Enablement & Training

for Enterprise Software companies,

Manufacturing companies with Software components


We understand your business first to design your sales organization's trainings. This enables you to win new clients, strengthen customer relationships, boost revenues and generate additional profits!


Rightsourcing is the right partner for developing sales organisations in the complex B2B and multi-channel distribution environment.
Our transformation concept is modular and we always create customised content. We guarantee a sustainable behavioral change in your sales organization.


  • Negotiation Training + Coaching
    • Latest concepts, Techniques, Tools.
    • Strategic deal coaching and Workshops
  • Selling by Influencing (Psychological, Personal and Emotional factors that influence Sales)
  • Intercultural Negotiations (Influence of culture on the biases in Negotiation, 'Ethical Ambiguity')
  • Sales Leadership Mentoring 
  • Forecasting & Pipeline management concepts

We focus on topics such as Sales Efficiency, Value & Solution Selling, Demand Creation Selling, Sales by psychological Influencing and Intercultural Sales. Key components like customer relationship lifecycle and single or multi-channel strategy are borne in mind.

Digital Transformation

for Enterprise Software companies, Manufacturing companies


We help you systematically define your Digitalization Journey. 

Manufacturing companies want to secure the sustainability of their business model through a digitalisation strategy.


Rightsourcing has developed a two-step practice to define your journey through Digitalisation.

Step 1: Know where you are in your Digitalisation process using Rightsourcing Digitalisation Compass 2019 online

  • SMART - A quick assessment 
  • EXPERT - A detailed assessment where companies are evaluated on the level of digital maturity with recommendations for further development.  

Rightsourcing Digitalisation Compass (Free Access online in German)


Step 2: Plan your Digitalisation Journey

You know where you should digitalise your business, why and what benefits it will bring using the Righsourcing Digitalisation Business Modeller.


Rightsourcing Digitalisation Business Modeller 2019

The Digitalisation Business Modeller provides a structured approach that can be implemented step by step.

IT Cost Savings

for Manufacturing companies


We understand the need for ongoing cost opimisations in all areas including IT!

German companies are facing a major upheaval - 60% of respondents in a 2019 research* expect cost-cutting measures to become necessary over the next two years.

Do you not have enough budget for innovation projects, have high costs for ongoing IT operations, lack of benchmarking within your market segment, have increasing IT user requirements and declining IT budgets?


Rightsourcing is an expert in designing IT Cost saving programs to manage your high IT operational costs and create free budgets for innovation. We help you in the reduction of discretionary IT spending, operational process improvements and renegotiation of supplier contracts.


 Specific IT cost saving programs include:

  • IT-Cost Assessment
  • IT-Cost Benchmarking
  • Customer specific deep dive with targetted recommended actions
  • Recommendations for optimal IT-Organization size
  • PLM, ERP, CRM maturity level classification
  • Vendor contract reviews
  • Implementation support
  • Enterprise IT governance



Welcome to RightSourcing GmbH 

"Doing the right things" and "doing things right" is our mission.


"Rightsourcing" stands for expert knowledge in the development and implementation of your business strategy – fast, down-to-earth and digital.


Rightsourcing's business model is based on the "Digital Asset-based Consulting" philosophy. This means you can use our consulting services almost exclusively through digital channels. Fast, uncomplicated and without expensive travel costs. This allows us to access a stable network of experts from all over the world.


In order to keep an eye on the future, we work closely with leading universities and well-known strategy consulting companies. We teach many of our concepts at a private university in Stuttgart.


Get to know more about our services, our philosophy and our people.

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