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Rightsourcing experts will actively coach to WIN! Maximise your value and build a strong base for relationships in your critical negotiations.

Strategy Consulting

Concepts for Strategic Corporate Management 

  • Analyse, Evaluate, Define Go-2-Market Approaches.
  • Portfolio Analysis.
  • Market Structure Analysis.
  • Forecasting & Pipeline Management.
  • Growth Strategies.

Business Transformation 

  • Implementing the Defined Concepts.
  • Change Management.
  • Coaching & Training.
  • Product/Service Business Transformation.


Expert-Negotiation Workshop & Coaching for Strategic deals.

  • Negotiation.
  • Selling by Influencing.
  • Intercultural Negotiations.

Digital Transformation

Manufacturing companies want to secure the sustainability of their business model through a digitalisation strategy. The development of related technologies is much further than a methodological approach.

Rightsourcing has developed a two step practice to systematically define the Digitalization Journey.


STEP 1: Know where you are in your Digitalisation process

Rightsourcing Digitalisation Compass 2019
SMART - A quick assessment which tells you the level of Digital transformation within your company.
EXPERT - Based on five dimensions, companies are evaluated on the level of digital maturity they have achieved with recommendations for further development.  

Rightsourcing Digitalisation Compass (Free Access online in German)


STEP 2: Plan your Digitalisation Journey

Rightsourcing Digitalisation Business Modeller 2019

The Digitalisation Business Modeller structures an approach which you can implement in a step by step manner. You know where you shall Digitalise your business, why and what benefits it will bring.


Technology Business Management


  • Analysis, Strategy.
  • Implementation.

Branch Specific IT Cost Savings

  • IT-Cost Assessment.
  • IT-Cost Benchmarking
  • Recommendations for optimal IT-Organization Size.
  • P.L.M. Maturity Level Classification.
  • E.R.P. Maturity Level Classification.
  • Implementation Support.

Change Management

  • Enterprise IT Governance.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic Information, Valuation to close of sale

Focussed on Small Cap

  • Confidential information memorandum (CIM) (Company's history, business model, operations, financials, management, growth projections & opportunities, etc).
  • Strategies for enhancing the company value. Performance improvement initiatives to improve cash and enhance profits.
  • Valuation.
  • Buyer Research, Selection, Qualification.   
  • Due Diligence and Transaction Support.
  • Interim management.

NEWS @ Rightsourcing


Book: Banking & Innovation 2018/2019 - Marcel Seidel Hrsg. (ISBN 978-3-658-23040-1)

Definition von Bankprodukten mithilfe von Product-Lifecycle-Managementsystemen - M. Hesse, M. Hamid (Pages 269 -293)

Welcome to RightSourcing GmbH 

To 'do the Right Things' and to 'do Things Right'.....


We support you in your Business Transformation. We offer our proven competence focused on selected processes and industries.

'RightSourcing' stands for optimized use of internal and external resources as well as the selection of the best source combination to achieve the optimal business results.

We have a stable network of experts in selected domains, who are an integral part of our projects. We work flexibly and efficiently.

At RightSourcing, we believe in a 'Digital Asset-Based Consulting' philosophy. We have realised digitalisation in a way that we can deliver our consulting services via digital media which is quick, uncomplicated and saves expensive travel.

We are a cooperation partner with a leading University for future technology-oriented projects. Many of our concepts are taught at a private German management school.


Get to know more about our services, our philosophy and our people.

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