Digitalisation Business Modeller 2020

Manufacturing companies want to secure the sustainability of their business model through the right digitization strategy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The RS Digitalisation Business Modeller structures an approach which you can implement in a step by step manner. You then know where you shall Digitalise your business, why and what benefits that will bring.

The Rightsourcing Digitalisation Business Modeller helps you answer the following key issues:


  • How is Digitalisation impacting your customer segments?


  • How do you ensure that you invest in the right areas of your business?


  • What Digitalisation initiatives should you plan and adopt? What new capabilities, skills do you need?


  • What are the realistic implementation initiatives?


  • Which Digitalisation initiatives are NOT relevant to your business?


  • How will your Digitalisation investments ensure that your business success factors are sustained in the future?

RS Digitalisation Business Modeller is based on a Nine-Dimensional Analysis.

We define a methodological approach, relevant to your company in the specific industry subsegment which analyses the latest digitalisation opportunities & technologies that generate sustainable competitive advantage for you.


The Rightsourcing Digital Business Modeller defines the following key elements:


Requirements for a SMART connected product (SCP) / solution offering

Most lucrative / attractive target industry subsegment

Most impactful levers and the relevant technology concepts

Value proposition for the newly defined offering / SCP competitive advantages

Necessary resources and skills

“In some ways, incumbents have a lot of benefits over new players, over start-ups. They have customers, they have great data, they often have a brand. They have financial resources, which a start-up may not have. The question is, can all of those capabilities and assets be deployed in a way that allows you to defend against new attackers as digital disrupts your industry?”

Paul Willmott, Director at McKinsey

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