Negotiation, Selling by Influencing,                   Intercultural Negotiations, Salary Negotiations

Strategic Deals Coaching and Workshops, one-on-one sessions

How can you leverage RightSourcing negotiation expertise?


  • RightSourcing Experts work together with your sales team, coaching on your strategic deals to WIN.
  • RightSourcing Experts conduct workshops for your team and coaches them on actual deals to ensure sustainable learning.

Rightsourcing Negotiation Workshop Top-Offers

Our Specialiased Packages

Negotiation (Principles of Negotiation)

Suitable for Senior Management and Experienced Sales Executives (15 Y+)

Best-selling offer

  • Framework for Complex Negotiation.
  • Latest Negotiation Concepts and Techniques.
  • Strategies for addressing a variety of Negotiation Challenges.

Selling by Influencing (Principles of Psychological Influencing)

Suitable for Senior Management and Experienced Sales Executives (15 Y+)

Advanced module, maximum 6 Participants

  • Psychological, Personal and Emotional factors that influence negotiations.
  • Control and Align your response to psychological manoeuvres.
  • Instruments of Power; how best to use them in negotiations.

Intercultural Negotiations

Special sessions for International Business Executives.

Limited Offer.

  • Cultural Intelligence Awareness.
  • Influence of Culture on the Biases in Negotiation, 'Ethical Ambiguity' Decision making.
  • Bridge the Gap.


Salary Negotiations (Introduced due to customer demand)

Suitable for all those who want to plan effective Salary Negotiatoins, 100% Confidential

  • Completely personal and customised session for your Salary Negotiations
  • Valuable strategies and tactics to get paid for what you are worth
  • One-on-one preperations

We understand your business challenges and we will work with you to overcome them:

Bargain with trained purchasing / psychologist to close the agreement

Avoid unnecessary price reductions at the end of the salesprocess

Overcome Cultural Barriers in an international environment

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